Our Work

Dr Nora | Video Production / Social Media and Web Development

Creating original social media content for the medical space, ranging from photoshoots, to treatment videos for publication on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Managing the social media and SEO, utilizing tactics to reach the front page of Google and YouTube search results.

Negotiating and securing the purchase of a unique 6 letter domain name. Creating an easy to administer website with booking integration allowing users to book online appointments.

See: drnora.com

Heads of Technology | Video Production

Creating original videos for Tech channel with over 7 million views.

See: youtube.com/headsoftech

Cairoloves | Video Production and Social Media

Creating original videos for Vlogging channel Cairoloves with over 1 million views.

Work done includes the filming, presenting, editing and marketing of content.

Managing the social media for the account and cross-posting and editing the original feature content for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more.

See: cairoloves.com

Real Estate | Photography and Video Production

Work ranging from filming, editing, producing marketing videos for property listings and agent’s social media channels.

Medical Center | Video Production

Created an original advertising video showcasing the staff and practice, with video content published on our clients web site and featured in the practice’s on-site TVs.

Legal | Video Production

Barrister client required the editing of three videos advertising his services to be featured on his website.

Playir | App Development, Social Media and Video Production
Developing innovative app creation platform with published apps downloaded over 500,000 times across iOS, Android, Windows Phone and the Web.

Also, creating and managing original content published across social media channels, with videos reaching over 200,000 views on YouTube.

See: playir.com

Rungway | App Development

Developed and product managed a white label anonymous chat based social media app, used by corporate clients.

Quran Project | Development

Developed an interactive reference app published on iOS, Android and the Web. Reached the top 10 reference apps in the UK and downloaded over 20,000 times.

Donate Quran | App Development
An interactive reference app based on Quran Project localized for the AEMA region. Downloaded over 20,000 times.

Blur Square | App Development
Developed a photo editor app for Instagram, downloaded over 100,000 times across iOS, Android, Windows Phone and the Web.

Myndplay | App Development

Developed an interactive media app for iOS and Android, with integration to bluetooth EEG headset. Allowing you to control videos through your emotions and a store for the operators to easily add more content for sale.